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Ep 87: Strike One

Welcome Back! This week, Dave and Carol talk all about sports strikes. For some reason, the subject of labor strikes has been on their mind. First the take a look at the various labor stoppages in the four other big US sports. Then they delve into what reasons MLS players might go on strike. And finally, they discuss why players in La Liga are considering striking. Also, Sigi Schmid steps down at the Galaxy. What does his second stint in LA mean for his legacy?

Here’s an article from the Guardian about the potential players strike:

Here’s the Wikipedia article on the 1994-95 MLB strike. The “Reactions” section is particularly entertaining:

Ep 86: Dropping a Deuce

You can thank friend-of-the-show Warbs for that little gem of a title. Welcome back! Of course, this week Carol and Dave are going to talk about the retirement of Clint Dempsey. They delve into his career, and what he meant to them. Also, Austin FC may not have a team yet, but they certainly have a logo. There are opinions to be had about the crest, and the nerve of the people who designed it. All this and more!

Here’s a look at the Austin FC logo, along with the explanation of the symbolism:

Here’s a slightly altered version:

Ep 85: Girl Talk

Hello again! We are back, and we got a great one for you. This week, Carol and Dave discuss the all female broadcast team for the DC United vs New England game. Is this just a one-off, or are we turning a corner when it comes to female voices in the broadcast booth? Also, they take a look at the current table, and what sort of oddities can be found there. Enjoy!

Since this week was mostly commentary on things in the show, there’s no notes this week. Fascinating.

Ep. 84: Superstitions on the Mountain

Hey everybody! We’re back! We’re not sick, and we can breath! So let’s talk about superstitions! This week, Dave and Carol talk about sports superstitions, are they real, or are they even meant to be real. Also, Wayne Rooney did something amazing. Is he getting more credit than he deserves? Also, hear about the time Carol went up to the mountain in search of a guru… or humility… or something.

Lots of goals to look at today. Here’s Wayne Rooney’s assist, courtesy of the Washington Post:

Here’s Patrick Ianni’s 2012 Goal of the Year:

Here’s Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s similar goal:

Here’s Quincy Amerikwa’s goal that should’ve been Goal of the Year:

Here’s the fan mock-up of a new stadium in downtown Columbus:

Ep. 83: It’s Not a [blank] Podcast

Hello again! Carol’s out of town, so this week Dave sat down with friend-of-the-show Mike Warbington. They had a rambling discussion that hit all sorts of different topics and even different sports. They took a look at where the Sounders are compared to the last two seasons. They also discussed a massive move for Vancouver homegrown player Alphonso Davies. And then how did VAR differ during the World Cup compared to in the league? All this, while dealing with a World Cup hangover.. it’s a packed one. Enjoy!

Just a couple notes this week. First, here’s Bradley Wright-Phillips celebration on 100 goals:

And here’s the Nicolas Lodiero goal that has Dave going nuts:

Ep 82: A Brazillion stories

Hey all! We’re really excited about this week’s episode. Carol and Dave were joined by Patch, who is not only Brazilian and a soccer fan (but I repeat myself), but even worked at the 2014 World Cup! She shares some incredible stories and well as gives her opinions on the world of soccer, Neymar, and just who deserves a star on their crest. We had a ton of fun, and hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Here’s the Brazilian fan eating his flag during the 7-1 route against Germany in 2014:

And here’s an article on the Neymar alphabet, with an added bonus of a hilarious KFC ad:

Ep 81: … And Other Crimes Against Soccer

What’s that? We’re back again so soon? You bet we are! This week, Dave and Carol dive into the controversy over Russia’s success this World Cup, and whether or not it’s deserved. Then Carol has dug up some more interesting World Cup History. First, what was going on with that Zinedine Zidane headbutt in 2006? And a look at the Anschluss game between West Germany and Austria in 1982. Here’s to more good history!

Let’s start off with what you all come here for, advertisements! Here’s the 2018 Nike World Cup ad which was focused on Brazil:

Here’s the 1998 ad that that was referenced in the one above:

Just for fun, here’s a couple other favorites of ours. There’s the 2010 Write The Future ad:

And finally 2014’s Winner Stays On ad:

Here’s Zinedine Zidane’s legendary goal in the 2002 UCL Final:

This is an article on the British tabloids using lip readers after Zidane’s headbutt:

Here’s the USA Today article on Russia’s doping history:

This is the Wikipedia article on the Disgrace of Gijon:

And finally, here’s the Simpson’s clip that is a fair representation of what that game looked like:

Ep 80: Getting Robbed

Let’s get back into the swing of things, shall we. Well, sort of. In this – slightly delayed – show, Dave and Carol talk about the World Cup group stage. They have some thoughts on Germany. Also, what exactly is this fair play rule that Senegal was eliminated by? And finally, Carol decide to dig into some World Cup history. More to come soon!

German coach Joachim Low is pretty gross. How gross? This gross:

Just how many tiebreakers come before the fair play rule? Let’s let FIFA explain:

And finally, here’s what the original World Cup Trophy looked like:

Pele holding the Jules Rimet trophy (Getty Images)

And, of course, the real hero here is Pickles:

Pickles the dog and owner Dave Corbett pose alongside where they found the trophy (Getty Images)

Ep 79: Getting Lost

Wow. It’s been awhile. How are all of you? We have a real short one here where we explain where we’ve been, followed by a couple conversations we recorded a couple weeks ago. We’ll be back again, and sooner this time. Glad to be back, and we hope you enjoy.

Here’s your chance to see what team you should be rooting for based on your food tastes, according to SBNation:

Ep 78: Set Up for Failure

This week, we’re not a Sounders podcast, because we really don’t want to talk about it. So instead, Dave and Carol delved into whether or not the USMNT would have made it to the World Cup under Jurgen Klinsmann. Also, MLS has announced their newest expansion franchise in Cincinnati, but there are some concerns about how rushed things are. And finally, they couldn’t not talk about the UEFA Champions League final. What’s in Loris Karius’ future? And how bad of a villain is Sergio Ramos? Find out right now!

First I’m just gonna leave this here. No particular reason:

Here’s the Cracked Podcast episode in which Alex Schmidt and David Wong discuss how the way we learned about World War II affects what we do today:

Here’s Sport’s Illustrated’s interview with Jurgen Klinsmann about his time with the USMNT and their failure to qualify for the World Cup:

Always with the sharp take, here’s the Nutmeg News article about FC Cincinnati moving to Detroit:

Here’s a more official announcement for FC Cincinnati:

What’s better than a bicycle kick goal? How about Olivier Giroud’s scorpion kick goal?

And finally, Stefan Frei making a very Karius type mistake (Dave still thinks Karius’ was worse):

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