We’re back! Despite a long – and unexpected – hiatus, we’re here again with another episode! This week, Carol and Dave talk about why they were gone for so long, and their thoughts on the future of the show. Then, the take a look at a dispute between the Sounders front office and supporters groups over an anti-fascist symbol. And finally, some Women’s World Cup talk! Sorry again for the delay, and enjoy!

First of all, here’s some pictures of the Three Lions Pub in Charleston:

Secondly, here’s a bit on the history of the Iron Front logo: https://www.thevintagenews.com/2017/03/28/the-iron-front-was-a-german-anti-nazi-paramilitary-organization-whose-logo-was-designed-to-be-painted-over-swastikas/

This is the ECS press release including the full letter from the Sounders Front office: https://www.weareecs.com/multimedia/category-news/430-anti-fascism-in-the-brougham-end

Here’s a letter from the Editor published at Sounder at Heart about the situation: https://www.sounderatheart.com/2019/8/1/20746701/letter-from-the-editor-the-fight-over-the-iron-front-flag

Update: This is the Sounder’s response which came after we recorded: https://www.seattletimes.com/sports/sounders/sounders-apologize-to-fan-groups-for-banning-iron-front-flag-but-tension-persists/

And finally, here’s the full version of the Nike ad that gets to us so much: