You know what? It’s not that we keep wanting to do very serious topics. It’s just that there’s too many very serious topics that need to be covered in soccer right now. This week, Carol and Dave talk about Kaku kicking a ball right at a fan, and why Dave thinks this might be the worst kind of interaction for the league. Then they talk about why the Southsiders and Cuerva Collective walked out for fifteen minutes of the Whitecaps match against LAFC. It’s gonna get heavy again guys.

First off, here’s an article by ESPN on Kaku getting sent off for kicking a ball into a fan:

Second, here’s a CBC article on the Southsiders and Cuerva Collective walkout:

This is Ciara McCormack’s original blog post about the abuse:

This is an article from The 42 discussing McCormack’s post:

This is a write-up from Ride of the Valkyries on the Reign FC vs Orlando Pride match, including film of Alanna Kennedy’s fantastic bicycle kick:

And finally, here’s the tweet from the Royal Guard about the Puyallup Tribe: