Correction: In the episode, Dave mistakenly attributed an article about the NYCFC situation to Jonathan Tannenwald. The article in question (which is linked below) was actually written by Leander Schaerlaeckens.

Hello again everybody! Now that the season’s started, we can get away from more controversial topics. So let’s talk about Nazis! This week, Carol and Dave look at the current situation of NYCFC fans with ties to white supremacist groups, and just what the league and team’s responsibility to act on it. Also, we talk about the SheBelieves Cup, and the reaction for the USWNT players putting inspirational women’s names on their jerseys. And also, there have been some rule changes to the game. All that and more this week!

Lots of notes this week. First is the David Wong article about how humans would really react to a zombie apocalypse:

Next is the ref who pulled a Matrix-like move to avoid a ball:

Here’s the USWNT’s jersey names:

This is the Huffington Post article about white supremacists in New York:

Sam Dunn at 12Up did an opinion piece critical of Don Garber’s response to the situation in New York:

And finally, here’s the article about how solving the situation is more complicated than people are making it out to be:

That last article is the one I mistakenly attributed to Jonathan Tannenwald in the episode. The article is actually by Leander Schaerlaeckens. I will be making a correction on the next episode.