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Ep. 84: Superstitions on the Mountain

Hey everybody! We’re back! We’re not sick, and we can breath! So let’s talk about superstitions! This week, Dave and Carol talk about sports superstitions, are they real, or are they even meant to be real. Also, Wayne Rooney did something amazing. Is he getting more credit than he deserves? Also, hear about the time Carol went up to the mountain in search of a guru… or humility… or something.

Lots of goals to look at today. Here’s Wayne Rooney’s assist, courtesy of the Washington Post:

Here’s Patrick Ianni’s 2012 Goal of the Year:

Here’s Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s similar goal:

Here’s Quincy Amerikwa’s goal that should’ve been Goal of the Year:

Here’s the fan mock-up of a new stadium in downtown Columbus:

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  1. Nathan W

    Thanks for the shoutout!

    Yes! I love the Otis Cafe. We just rediscovered it about a year ago, and I agree, their bread is fantastic. It’s the only restaurant bread I’ve found that tastes like my mom’s homemade bread. In fact just this weekend, as we were driving back from Waldport, my wife and I were debating between stopping at Otis or Nana’s Irish pub in Newport. We settled on Nana’s but it was a close thing.

    As for superstitions, for a period of about 5 years, every game I went to, the home game won. US women’s national team, minor league hockey, Trail Blazers playoff games, even Timbers games, every game I went to, the home game won. That finally flipped about a year ago, but for a while people at losing games told me that I should have been at the game.

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