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Month: August 2018

Ep 85: Girl Talk

Hello again! We are back, and we got a great one for you. This week, Carol and Dave discuss the all female broadcast team for the DC United vs New England game. Is this just a one-off, or are we turning a corner when it comes to female voices in the broadcast booth? Also, they take a look at the current table, and what sort of oddities can be found there. Enjoy!

Since this week was mostly commentary on things in the show, there’s no notes this week. Fascinating.

Ep. 84: Superstitions on the Mountain

Hey everybody! We’re back! We’re not sick, and we can breath! So let’s talk about superstitions! This week, Dave and Carol talk about sports superstitions, are they real, or are they even meant to be real. Also, Wayne Rooney did something amazing. Is he getting more credit than he deserves? Also, hear about the time Carol went up to the mountain in search of a guru… or humility… or something.

Lots of goals to look at today. Here’s Wayne Rooney’s assist, courtesy of the Washington Post:

Here’s Patrick Ianni’s 2012 Goal of the Year:

Here’s Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s similar goal:

Here’s Quincy Amerikwa’s goal that should’ve been Goal of the Year:

Here’s the fan mock-up of a new stadium in downtown Columbus:

Ep. 83: It’s Not a [blank] Podcast

Hello again! Carol’s out of town, so this week Dave sat down with friend-of-the-show Mike Warbington. They had a rambling discussion that hit all sorts of different topics and even different sports. They took a look at where the Sounders are compared to the last two seasons. They also discussed a massive move for Vancouver homegrown player Alphonso Davies. And then how did VAR differ during the World Cup compared to in the league? All this, while dealing with a World Cup hangover.. it’s a packed one. Enjoy!

Just a couple notes this week. First, here’s Bradley Wright-Phillips celebration on 100 goals:

And here’s the Nicolas Lodiero goal that has Dave going nuts:

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