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Ep 82: A Brazillion stories

Hey all! We’re really excited about this week’s episode. Carol and Dave were joined by Patch, who is not only Brazilian and a soccer fan (but I repeat myself), but even worked at the 2014 World Cup! She shares some incredible stories and well as gives her opinions on the world of soccer, Neymar, and just who deserves a star on their crest. We had a ton of fun, and hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Here’s the Brazilian fan eating his flag during the 7-1 route against Germany in 2014:

And here’s an article on the Neymar alphabet, with an added bonus of a hilarious KFC ad:


  1. Woody

    Sorry, Patch, Brazil too warm for me, I need icy veins.

    Sweden would actually be a fun country to visit (and hunt down some relatives I haven’t seen for 30 years). Between the two finalists it would be France, like maybe next summer between June 7 and July 7, hmmm?

  2. Sam G.

    No, I dont believe the opposite team (men/women) should wear the stars of the other team. After the last WWC, the USWNT played Brazil in Seattle, and I offered up the base of the tifo idea that was made: “We have 3 stars”

    As for countries I want to visit: Australia and England. I would also love to visit France and the defunct Italy.

  3. Troy

    Sorry for the delayed comment, but I got to listen to this while traveling.

    Your comments about who gets to wear the stars got me thinking. I think I come down on all teams from your nation wear a star for each WC won by your nation. So USMNT would get to wear stars, as well as the Brazilian Woman’s Team. I like the idea of forcing fans to stop and think about where all the stars on the jersey came from.

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