What’s that? We’re back again so soon? You bet we are! This week, Dave and Carol dive into the controversy over Russia’s success this World Cup, and whether or not it’s deserved. Then Carol has dug up some more interesting World Cup History. First, what was going on with that Zinedine Zidane headbutt in 2006? And a look at the Anschluss game between West Germany and Austria in 1982. Here’s to more good history!

Let’s start off with what you all come here for, advertisements! Here’s the 2018 Nike World Cup ad which was focused on Brazil:

Here’s the 1998 ad that that was referenced in the one above:

Just for fun, here’s a couple other favorites of ours. There’s the 2010 Write The Future ad:

And finally 2014’s Winner Stays On ad:

Here’s Zinedine Zidane’s legendary goal in the 2002 UCL Final:

This is an article on the British tabloids using lip readers after Zidane’s headbutt:

Here’s the USA Today article on Russia’s doping history:

This is the Wikipedia article on the Disgrace of Gijon:

And finally, here’s the Simpson’s clip that is a fair representation of what that game looked like: