Dave and Carol talk about MLS

Ep 67: Nothing to Lose

It’s that time. It’s the biggest game of the year. It’s the rematch that we’ve all been looking for. Unless you don’t live in Toronto or Seattle… but still. This week Dave and Carol talk about the Conference Final games, and preview the MLS Cup final this weekend. Also, they give some solid advice about decision making. Also, a listener question about switching to the FIFA calendar. We also talk about some of our podcasting compatriots, and whether or not we’re a Sounders podcast. Admittedly, the closer the Sounders get to an MLS Cup, the more homer our show becomes. The real test will be how we cover an MLS Cup that we’re not a part of. Here’s hoping that day never comes. Finally, there is an expansion draft coming, and they have thoughts. Enjoy this packed episode!

First off… if you’re like Dave and love dissecting music, you really should give a listen to Song Exploder:


There’s the fantastic article from Waking the Red:


Also, Here’s the Sounders Protectinator page… I’m not sure if any other SB Nation pages did one:


And finally, here’s Angels on Parade (not Angel City Brigade) mock-draft picks:


Oh, and as an added bonus, here’s who Sounder at Heart protected in their mock-draft:


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  1. Tyler Johnson

    Dude Wonderful Wonderful is a great album (the one with The Man). Listen to it on Spotify for free

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