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Month: November 2017

Ep 66: Unfounded Opinions

Hey, did you know that we’re occasionally wrong? No, seriously. Even Dave is. Like *all* the time. This week Dave and Carol talk about how they were wrong about Caleb Porter getting fired. They also, decided to throw out a whole lot of pure speculation about what’s going on with the situation. They also have thoughts about the playoffs. And speaking of unfounded speculation, can you believe what Michael Bradley had to say about the Crew situation? All this and more this week.

Here’s the Save the Crew letter that you should sign. Like right now. Go do it.


Ep. 65: Moving On

Well, that took a bit longer than expected. But here we are! This week, Dave and Carol talk about playoffs! But you knew we would talk about that. What you didn’t know we’d talk about is that CALEB PORTER IS OUT IN PORTLAND!!!! Also, there’s so other coaching news in the league. Anyway, this show’s kind of a fun little mess. Hope you have as much fun listening as we did recording.

First off, here’s Grant Wahl’s fix of the MLS playoffs:


Next, we have one of the worst goalkeeping howlers I’ve ever seen:

Then, there’s the video of TFC and the Red Bulls getting into it in the tunnel:


The heartbreakingly beautiful statement from Robbie Rogers on his retirement:


And finally, here’s the Recurrently Regenerated Football League from Cartilage Free Caption:


Ep 64: #SaveTheCrew

The playoffs have begun, but we have some more important stuff to talk about.  This week, Dave and Carol are joined by Alexis from Columbus to talk all about the Crew and their potential move to Austin.  They also look at the league’s history of teams moving and contracting to find out just why this one feels different.  It’s all Black and Gold this week.

First off, you should all visit https://savethecrew.com.

Here’s a Four Four Two article comparing the Crew’s situation to the San Jose Earthquakes’ move to Houston:



Here’s what Anthony Precourt looked like during Columbus’ blowout of NYCFC:


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