Dave and Carol talk about MLS

Ep 62: Bad Decisions and Uncertain Futures

This week, Dave and Carol are joined by friend Bethany for a quick chat about the deeper thoughts inspired by an editing error. Then, Dave gets angry about the USMNT. And Anthony Precourt. And himself. And some other things to. Dave got a little ranty in this episode. Enjoy!

First off, let’s see someone who loves cats:

Here’s the episode of Nos Audietis that Dave stole some of his ideas from:


Then there’s Deadspin’s take on MLS joining the big leagues when it comes to stadium extortion:


And the Sports Illustrated story about the Crew refusing to refund season ticket holders:


And finally, here’s the story on the Indonesian goalkeeper who was killed last week:


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  1. Tyler

    Thoughts on Dogs vs. Cats. As Biology teacher(s) I thought you’d appreciate our history with dogs and wolves more, if it weren’t for our deep bond with them how would human development have changed? Also other people’s dogs are way worse then you’re dogs, being loud and annoying to strangers was there whole job! I respect that their a hassle, and smelly, and emotionally dependent, but so are most people, and most people won’t go camping with you on 5 minutes notice, or defend you from a break in, or fetch real good. Anyway, I thought it was important to make a case for dogs in this cat dominated podcast, and as a token of my annoyance at Dave’s anti-dog hate speech I went ahead and did all the wrong you’res and theres.

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