It’s World Cup Qualifying! The USMNT lost this week to Costa Rica, which puts them in an entertaining (terrifying) position heading into the last three Hex games. Dave and Carol talk about what to expect out of the team for the rest of the year. Also, what happened to the Chicago Fire? What makes a great goal scorer? And is TFC the best team MLS has ever produced? All this and more this week!

Let’s not bury the lede… you’re all here to see SCOTT STERLING!!!!

And then here’s a whole bunch of articles from, starting with Matt Doyle on the Chicago Fire’s collapse (among other topics):

Here’s MLSSoccer’s take on the best goalscorers in league history:

Here’s Kurt Larson talking about just how TFC built a juggernaut:
Here’s the numbers on why Giovinco might be the best free-kick taker in the world right now:

And finally, this is a few weeks old, but here’s another Matt Doyle article about just how many ways Toronto can make history this year: