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Ep 50: Dragged Nodding and Smiling

Hey guys! It’s Episode 50! Can you believe it!? This week Dave’s joined by special guest… Carol! Turns out that she managed to carve out some time to record before disappearing for the month, and she wasn’t gonna miss out on Episode 50. Carol and Dave reflect on what it’s been like doing 50 shows. Then they discuss Garth Lagerway’s comments about the Supporter’s Shield. Also, is the power dynamic in the league moving to the Eastern Conference? And finally, what does Dom Kinnear’s firing say about the old guard of MLS coaches? Thanks again for listening, and here’s to the next 50 shows.

Turns out Dave couldn’t find the podcast with two guys talking in the car during the commute. If you know what it is, let us know so we can give them a shout-out.

Here’s the Sounder at Heart follow up interview with Garth Lagerway, which also features the original interview on Radio Cascadia. The quote comes at around the 28 minute mark of the show.


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  1. Sam

    If luck isn’t a component of the MLS Cup[1], wouldn’t the Supporters Shield be unnecessary? I feel like you could math this out to some extent.

    [1]: I almost left the definite article out, because if there’s an argument I love it’s a pointless one.

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