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Month: July 2017

Ep 52: Ask me Anything

It’s lonely out here today. Today Dave takes the mic alone to discuss some of the news of the week. The US won the Gold Cup! Also, there was a blockbuster trade between SKC and Orlando, but it leave’s Dave a little confused. And finally, he gets to the fantastic questions submitted by you, our dear listeners. Enjoy!

Ep 51: Concrete Wilderness

Hey, guess what! Turns out our studio has a phone line that we could use. Carol jumped on the line from off in the wilderness to this week to join Dave and friend-of-the-show Sam to talk about a crazy game in Seattle. Then they delve into the Gold Cup a bit before discussing the right and wrong ways to build a rivalry. We also asked for questions from you guys, and boy did you guys come through. However, we didn’t actually get to any of them this week. So next week, we’ll get to those. In the meantime, enjoy Episode 51!

Here’s the article from Outsports about the former player going the first Atlanta United game with his partner:


And who knew? Here’s a place to play Sim Ant online:


Dave needs your help!

Hey guys! You probably noticed there was no show last week. Well, there were a few reasons for that. Partly, Dave was lazy and never got around to booking a co-host with Carol out of town. But mostly there’s just not a whole lot of MLS news in lieu of the Gold Cup break. Anyway, Dave is making point of recording this week come hell or high-water. But he needs your help. Namely, he needs your questions. Is there anything you’d like to know? Are there any bits of the game that you were curious about, but never knew who to ask? Hell, you could even ask Dave his opinion of movies or something. This is wide open.

So post your questions in one of the three following places:

Facebook at www.facebook.com/handsfreefootball

Twitter at twitter.com/HandsFreeFooty

or below in the comment section.

So help a guy out. Post your questions, and take a listen this week to hear Dave’s answers

Ep 50: Dragged Nodding and Smiling

Hey guys! It’s Episode 50! Can you believe it!? This week Dave’s joined by special guest… Carol! Turns out that she managed to carve out some time to record before disappearing for the month, and she wasn’t gonna miss out on Episode 50. Carol and Dave reflect on what it’s been like doing 50 shows. Then they discuss Garth Lagerway’s comments about the Supporter’s Shield. Also, is the power dynamic in the league moving to the Eastern Conference? And finally, what does Dom Kinnear’s firing say about the old guard of MLS coaches? Thanks again for listening, and here’s to the next 50 shows.

Turns out Dave couldn’t find the podcast with two guys talking in the car during the commute. If you know what it is, let us know so we can give them a shout-out.

Here’s the Sounder at Heart follow up interview with Garth Lagerway, which also features the original interview on Radio Cascadia. The quote comes at around the 28 minute mark of the show.


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