Is Dave a robot? Sometime Carol wonders. This is one of the many questions we (soccer) tackle on this week’s thrilling episode. Also, we dive into Michael Bradly’s goal against Mexico, and whether or not it’s the greatest goal in USMNT history. Also, there seems to be shenanigans going on with a deal between US Soccer and MLS, and Carol is not happy about it. Here about this and more this week!

First, and most important, does Memo Ochoa have the best hair in football?

Secondly, Here’s the Nike 2014 World Cup ad Dave was mentioning:

Here’s the 5 best goals in USMNT history, according to CBS Sports. Dave says they’re wrong.

And here’s what you’ve all been waiting for. Watch this compilation of the greatest goals by each team in MLS, and tell us which is the best down in the comments. Carol says you’re lying.