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We need Derby names!

Hey guys! We’re gonna try something new this week. We putting out a call for derby names from listeners. Here’s the slate of games coming up this week. Give a name to one of these match-ups, and we’ll choose the best to use on the show (with a call out for you). Contact us on twitter, Facebook, or just in the comments section below.

It’s the international break, so there’s not much happening, but here are the three games available:

Chicago Fire vs Atlanta United – Sat. 4:00 pm Eastern

Sporting KC vs Montreal Impact – Sat. 8:00 pm Eastern

Portland Timbers vs. FC Dallas – Sat. 10:30 pm Eastern

And just for shits and giggles, how about a name for the ultimate derby:

Mexico vs. U.S.A – Sun. 8:30 Eastern

If you’re feeling particularly ambitious, throw out a prediction as well. Why do you all show Dave how it’s done.


  1. Narglefargle Uglyhead

    Chicago v. Atlanta–The Big-Ass Airport Derby

    KC v. Montreal–The Very Very Blue Derby/Le Derby Très Très Bleu

    Portland v. Dallas–The Fuck Portland–I’m Wearing Red Today Derby.

    Mexico v. USA–The Perdone A Nuestro Presidente Idiota Derby

  2. Mike Gillis

    Haven’t both Chicago and Atlanta burned to the ground before?

  3. Tyler Johnson

    Chicago vs. Atlanta: The Big Fire vs. the Sunken City Derby
    Water beats fire, 2-0, I’ve played Pokemon

    KC vs. Montreal: The Impact Sports Derby
    1-1, There’s no winners in Impact Sports

    Portland vs. Dallas: The Lesser of Two Evils Derby
    Called for hail with any luck

    Mexico v. USA: The Wall Debt Bet Derby
    Come on, 3-0, the only wall is gonna be Mexico’s goal line

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