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Month: May 2017

Ep 45: Making it Personal

It’s rivalry time. In light of this weekend’s Seattle vs. Portland clash, Dave and Carol talk about rivalries. How do they get built and can they die? Is the Seattle/Portland match *the* rivalry in MLS? And just how do Dave and Carol feel about this game? Also, the Union have made quite a turnaround. What does this run of good form mean for the Union and for the league in general? Also, help us find good guests to talk to!

Here’s the article on Patrick Viera feeling attacked by Jason’ Kries:


And here’s the one on the shade thrown between Brian Schmetzer and Timber Joey:


Here’s Diego Chara’s dumb Red Card against Montreal:

Here’s the article about Minnesota supporters being Minnesota nice (and Minnesota awesome):


And finally, Here’s Judah Friedlander, the world’s best soccer player interviewer:

Ep 44: Emphasize your Emphasis

This week Carol and Dave sit down to talk about the different ways that fans react to losing streaks. I can’t imagine at all why that would be on their mind. Also, do refs have a bigger effect on the game in soccer than other sports? And finally, what happened at the Union town hall meeting? Is that the reason for their big turnaround? All this and more this week!

Here’s Simon Borg’s Instant Replay from last week:

And here’s the write-up of the Union town meeting at the Philly Voice:


Ep 43: Weather’s Nice, Let’s Jump On This Bandwagon

Hello again! This week Dave and Carol are joined by friend of the show Bethany. Carol had a blast researching some soccer terms… of course she’s happy anytime Middle English comes up in a project she’s doing. Then we took a deep dive into the concept of the fair-weather fan. Is there a difference between a fair-weather fan and a bandwagon fan? Is it necessarily bad being one? And finally, how bad has it gotten for the Sounders? And why doesn’t it feel as bad as last year? Enjoy!

For those of you who are curious, here’s the original article Dave wrote on his blog in defense of fair-weather fans.


Ep 42: No Good Answers

So, what’s going wrong with the Union? How nervous should they be? Today, Carol and Dave take a look at the Philly team. Also, is it controversial when female athletes swear? And finally, since last week we decided to give you some lighthearted fare about sexism, this week we’re going to tackle the issue of racism in the game! Surely this is just a simple problem that we can settle with a few minutes conversation, right? Okay, maybe not. But let’s talk about it anyway.

Here’s the article by Stephanie McCaffery about swearing:


And an article about Sulley Muntari getting yellow carded for abuse, and the racism problem in soccer:


And finally, two takes on The Save:


And Soundersfc.com (narrated by Kasey Keller)

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