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Month: April 2017

Ep. 41: Rabbit Trails

Hello again! This week Dave an Carol dive into what’s wrong with the LA Galaxy. Also, does Giovinco’s tantrum at being subbed mean anything? And finally, the Minnesota broadcast team features Kendra de St Aubin, who you might notice is a woman. Dave and Carol both have some feels about the number of women involved in the game. Enjoy!

And for some extra’s, here’s some of the things we mentioned in the show:

Giovinco being subbed off:

Dave mentioned the “Platatrum.” What was that?


Here’s the best picture we could find of Quincy Amerikwa’s pouty face:

Here’s Bastian Schweinsteiger cheerfully taking a photo of a Fire fan with other Fire players:

And finally, the article about Dax McCarty’s return to New York:


Ep 40: Get it Right

Hello everybody! This week we’re joined by a new guest, our good friend David. In lieu of having a coherent conversation on a pointed subject, we just rambled into the mics for about forty minutes. Then Carol finally put us back on track to talk about the new environmentally friendly jerseys worn this week by four MLS teams. Was it a gimmick, or a real step taken to help our oceans? Enjoy!

Here are the kits Seattle and LA wore this week:


And here are the ones New York and Orlando wore:


For comparison, here are the kits that Real Madrid and Bayern Munich wore last year:


And finally, here’s the article Dave mentioned about the MLS salary cap being a salary budget:


Ep 39: The Tri-Wizard World Cup Bid

Hey guys! We got the band back together! Carol makes her triumphant return to the… airwaves? Internetwaves? The show. We sat down to tell about our experience meeting Alexi Lalas. Then we took a look at the US-Canada-Mexico World Cup Bid. Finally, we did a deep dive into the new bargaining agreement between US Soccer and the women’s players. Enjoy!

Ep. 38: His Name Could Beat Me Up

We’re here, with guests!!! Carol was still on her road trip so Dave sat down with friends of the show Mike and Tyson to discuss the state of the league, the addition of Schweinsteiger, and just where the Sounders are at so far this season. Also, Mike had some things to say about our opinion on away supporter security. Here we are with Episode 38!

Here’s the Nutmeg News articles mentioned:



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