Dave and Carol talk about MLS

Ep. 37: All By Myself

Hey all! So we unfortunately missed last week because of scheduling issues. This week, we had some more, but decided that two weeks is far too long to make you wait for another show. There’s soccer to talk about, dammit! So this week, Dave awkwardly sat down alone in front of the mic to talk to you about the goings on of the league and the national team. Give him some feedback on what you thought! Hope you enjoy!


  1. Mike Gillis

    I’ve always been terrified of the idea of having to fill the time of a podcast without a co-host, and you simply nailed it. Excellent work, Dave! Great episode and achievement unlocked!

  2. Dave Brouillette

    Thanks! I’m glad you thought it went well. I was honestly terrified that nobody would like it at all.

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