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Month: March 2017

Ep. 37: All By Myself

Hey all! So we unfortunately missed last week because of scheduling issues. This week, we had some more, but decided that two weeks is far too long to make you wait for another show. There’s soccer to talk about, dammit! So this week, Dave awkwardly sat down alone in front of the mic to talk to you about the goings on of the league and the national team. Give him some feedback on what you thought! Hope you enjoy!

Ep 36: Tweeting on the Square

The season is in full swing, and we’re here to discuss it.  First off, is there any hope in Minnesota?  Just how bad of a start is this for them?  Plus, twitter battles between teams and players:  are they a good thing for the league?  As we head into some World Cup Qualifiers, what’s the state of the national team?  And what does it mean that Bruce Arena called up Dempsey?  And finally, do the referees have the right points of emphasis this season?  All this and more in Episode 36.

Of course we have to include the brilliant meme put together by the LA Galaxy:


Ep 35: Let’s Lose Some Listeners!

Hey guys!  Things have been going pretty well her over the last couple weeks.   We’ve had a ton of great interactions with you listeners, and so we decided what better time to bring up politics!  Dave was unfortunately sick and lacking a voice, so Carol was joined by friend of the show Matt to discuss the rough starts for two expansion teams and some bad fan behavior.  Then they talk about the new US Soccer policy regarding standing for the National Anthem, and Alexi Lalas’ reaction to it.  It’s a bit of an emotionally charged show.  Hope you like it.

Ep 34: Quest for the West

Anyone notice last episode we only talked about half the league?   Well that won’t do.  Here’s the other half, it’s our breakdown of the Western Conference!  Dave and Carol give their thoughts on every team in the west, then finish up with some season predictions.  I know it’s early, but here’s a chance to grab a cup of coffee, and get caught up on Dave and Carol’s thoughts before diving into all the games today.  Let’s get this season started!

Ep 33: The Beasts of the East

Wait a sec, didn’t we just release one of these a couple days ago?  That’s right, we’re back again!  Preseason is almost over, and it we’re ready to kick-off the new season with our Eastern Conference preview.  Dave and Carol break down every Eastern Conference team, including a look at their preseason, what their offseason moves look like, and what to expect this week.  Plus, some listener questions and comments.

Lots of links in this show.  First is the player acquisition flow chart from Sports Illustrated:


Next is the video of DC United’s newest homegrown Ian Harkes show off his skills, courtesy of MLSSoccer.com’s Armchair Analyst, Matt Doyle:


Then there’s there’s the Nutmeg News article about DC United’s new stadium:


And finally there’s the video interview series with Sounders fans, Supporter Stories:



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