Dave and Carol talk about MLS

Ep 31: The Manchurian Midfielder

As promised, we have returned!  Today Carol and Dave sit down with podcaster extraordinaire Mike Gillis of Radio vs. The Martians and other great shows.  Mike, who is admittedly not a soccer fan, wanted to discuss what makes someone a fan of a team, and just what are the limits of fandom.  Then we discussed sports movies; specifically Victory, the 1981 .. ummm… classic? … about WW2 POWs playing a soccer game against Nazis.  This show was a blast, and I bet you’ll all love it.  Enjoy!


  1. Woody

    The main MN United supporters group is Dark Clouds, which is why the new stadium is already being called Cloud City. There’s also True North Elite and Wolf’s Head (who are up here in my town of Duluth). Some DC history can be read here: http://fiftyfive.one/2016/08/history-minnesotas-supporters-group-dark-clouds/

    American Rounders (i.e Baseball) isn’t really in my wheelhouse anymore, but a little research shows that live organs started in Chicago in 1929 for Hockey and 1941 for Baseball. I’ve tried to find out how many stadium still have organs but not finding a great source. Hopefully someone with more BB knowledge can speak up.

  2. Kevin

    Great discussion about DP’s and the motivation for players…

    What do you guys think about the decision by the Southsiders not to come south during the current immigration issues?


    Thanks for the comment about the pain Caps fans felt at the MLS Cup. I was cheering Sounders, as I have more connections to SEA than TOR, but if it was MTL, hmm, not sure which way I would have gone. But I’m hoping we win before either our Cascadia cousins win again…. or we win the Champions League this year to give you guys something else to challenge for (yeah, I know, I may be dreaming)

  3. Kevin

    So how will you react when Fredy comes back to SEA as a Cap? http://www.whitecapsfc.com/post/2017/02/15/whitecaps-fc-acquire-mls-all-star-striker-fredy-montero

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