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Month: January 2017

Not so much rebranding, as just branding.

In the spirit of the unveiling of the MLS Next Crest in 2015, I’d like to present the Hands Free Football Logo.


The shape of the crest is reminiscent of the new MLS crest without getting us sued.

The swooshy banner helps with the not getting sued, and gives us a place to put the title of the podcast.

The NYCFC blue and Orlando City purple show our desire (if not ability) to not talk about the Sounders all the time.

The tree silhouettes represent the shitload of trees that live in the PNW.

The soccer ball in the microphone is because we talk about soccer into microphones.  That’s what the podcast is about.  Pay attention.


A big thanks to Claunch Design for helping us put it together.  Please check them out for all your graphic design needs.

Ep 31: The Manchurian Midfielder

As promised, we have returned!  Today Carol and Dave sit down with podcaster extraordinaire Mike Gillis of Radio vs. The Martians and other great shows.  Mike, who is admittedly not a soccer fan, wanted to discuss what makes someone a fan of a team, and just what are the limits of fandom.  Then we discussed sports movies; specifically Victory, the 1981 .. ummm… classic? … about WW2 POWs playing a soccer game against Nazis.  This show was a blast, and I bet you’ll all love it.  Enjoy!

A Victorious Return

Omigod, we’re back!  The new podcast is being edited AS I TYPE, and it occurs to me that I should give you a heads up.

Our guest this week is Mike Gillis from Radio vs. The Martians.  About an hour and fifteen minutes into our conversation, we start discussing Victory, the 1981 WW2/soccer film with Michael Caine, Sylvester Stallone, and Pele.  You can probably follow this episode without watching, but go watch it.  It’ll be more fun that way.

The new episode will be posted soon.  It’s good to be back.

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