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Ep 29: Best Footballer Forward

We’re back! During the chaos of the holidays, it’s nice that there’s nothing really important to talk about. Except for the age-old question of what makes an MVP so valuable. Or who should have been selected as Coach of the Year. Or who could do a better job than Bruce Arena at heading the USMNT. Or which MLS giant is going to come away with a long overdue MLS Championship.


  1. Woody

    Congrats on the Championship!

    On the subject of Nocerino: an OCFC fan will have more knowledge than I, but that signing and Heath’s firing were more tied to Majority owner Flavio Da Silva moves than Adrian’s.

    Da Silva has been restructuring the club around two things: Brazil and Portugal. In April 2015 he stated he was going to take a more influencial role in the club. He brought in a Chief Soccer Officer, Armando Carneiro from Benfica (who immediately jettisoned the 3 year plan they were in the middle of), expunged most of the previous management (including many of Heath’s staff between season 1 and season 2, like Ian Fuller who joined the Loons staff last February), and the not inconsequential influences of KaKa’s “people” on the current management. Heath was lucky to be still at the helm on Season 2 himself, i think his new management was just getting everything else in place and would axe him the first chance they got. That lead to a pretty unproductive and rather frantic summer, including having the send TAM/GAM to DC for the Nocerino signing (they signed him in violation of league rules, as he was already Discovery tagged by DC, but that may be more likely from ignorance than malice).

    The whole story isn’t out yet, and probably won’t ever be.

    Offseason awaits. It’ll be over before you know it!

  2. Kevin

    Congrats to the Sounders… It’s too bad we only got to hear this after the final, but your comments about TFC’s Giovinco being the MVP played out really well in the final. Today’s comment about the pitch at BMO Field may explain a bit of the issue. He was unable to complete both the second leg OT in the east, and the final. Had he been available for penalties, there may have been a different result. As a ‘Cap fan first, I was happy with the result.

    Look forward to the next edition!

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