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Month: December 2016

2016 Predictions Accuracy Report: Dave still sucks at this.

So, with all my free time, I finally sat down and filled in all the predictions and results from this season of Hands Free Football. Here are the results.

A couple items of note:

While Dave once hit 100% accuracy (not included on this graph because it wasn’t on an episode of HFF, it was pre-game at Century Link with both Tyson and Carol as witnesses) he achieved 0% accuracy during 6 of the 28 episodes he gave predictions in. Of the 282 outcomes that Dave predicted, he got 61 of them correct, for an overall accuracy rating of 21.6%.

Mike remains our most accurate guest with a 60% accuracy rating, which I think he managed partly by predicting outcomes but not score lines, which seems to have worked out well. Congrats, Mike! You win…something. We’ll figure it out.

If you’re wondering, if Dave had used Mike’s strategy and only predicted outcomes instead of scores, he would have gotten 50 out of 141, or 35% accurate, which is better, but still has him weeping into his scarf.

Ep 30: Victory Rants

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you all! Here’s the final episode of the year. Paul and Devon from 253 Defiance returned to have a meandering conversation about the Sounders victory in the MLS Cup final. To be honest, this is the most homer show we’ve done yet. We hope you can understand. Dave did occasionally try (with little success) to move the conversation out of Seattle, but his heart wasn’t quite in it. We hope you enjoy our chat about this final, this season, and what it meant to us fans.

Ep 29: Best Footballer Forward

We’re back! During the chaos of the holidays, it’s nice that there’s nothing really important to talk about. Except for the age-old question of what makes an MVP so valuable. Or who should have been selected as Coach of the Year. Or who could do a better job than Bruce Arena at heading the USMNT. Or which MLS giant is going to come away with a long overdue MLS Championship.

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