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Ep 28: And the Award Goes To…

Playoffs are here!  We had a ton of stuff to talk about, so here’s a super-packed extra-long episode.  This week we discuss the Sounders decision to officially name Brian Schmetzer their head coach.  Year end award nominees are out as well.  We go back to our beginning of the season predictions and see how well they held up.  You won’t believe who Carol picked to win the MLS Cup back in March.  Finally the games so far, and what to expect out of this weekend.  Here’s close to two hours of soccer madness for you!

Oh… and the Cubs.  Of course we had to talk about the Cubs.

Here’s the goal scored by Mancuso for Montreal against the Redbulls:

Which Dave found reminiscent of this goal by Jamie Vardy (which he incorrectly said was against Arsenal.. it was Liverpool.  Hey.. he got the coach right at least.)

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  1. George

    One quick correction . When the first octopus was thrown on the ice in Detroit, on April 15, 1952, there were only 6 teams in the NHL, usually refered to as the “original 6”. There were no divisions. The top 4 teams made the playoffs back then so, yes, 8 wins earned you the Stanley Cup. The league expanded to 12 teams and created two divisions in 1967.

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