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Ep 27: Snubbed Out

Darlington Nagbe might never get called up to the National Team again.  Turns out that when Jurgen Klinsmann invites you to play, you better play.  This week Dave and Carol talk about Klinsmann’s snubs, and whether they deserves call ups.  Also, what does a coach do when a world class player demands to stay at home unless he starts?  Plus, the playoff scenarios of the final day of the season are… complex.  Here’s Episode 27!


You can read the article about Klinsmann and Nagbe here:  http://www.topdrawersoccer.com/the91stminute/2016/10/everybody-lost-in-the-needless-nagbe-klinsmann-showdown/

And the article about Didier Drogba is here:  http://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2016/10/18/parchman-mauro-biello-s-handling-drogba-saga-could-be-season-changing

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  1. Woody

    Hello Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd,

    Yes, we are THE Arsenal, and it’s even printed in the tunnel as the team takes the

    pitch (see :43 on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9jrz8InnXoI ).

    You don’t think Roger Levesque was desparate to get away from a team of 12 yr old

    girls? I’m surprised you forgot Matt Hedges plays for FC Dallas, as it’s the only

    top flight team he’s played (his other team outside of college was a PDL team in

    Reading PA).

    Decision Day: it’s not actually an unusual End-Of-Season schedule. EPL has all the

    last games of the season start at the same time, you even have Referee’s hold up a

    game and stare at their watch to blow the whistle at the specified start time. This

    is done so no team has a competitive advantage. Imagine you’re the 2nd place team

    in a close race (say goal differential separates teams, which often comes into

    place in footy), and the first place team finishes their game before your match

    starts. You know exactly what is needed, how aggressively you have to go out

    to get a result and specific score.

    Note on Nagbe’s appearances: Who you are subbed in for doesn’t means you’re playing

    their position on the pitch. A like for like change would be that way, but usually

    with Nagbe’s appearences coincides either with a formation change for the team, or

    someone already on the pitch moved into that spot. Nagbe has mostly played left

    midfield or center midfield in all his (few) caps.

    I fully support Nagbe’s decision to remove his elegibility for a couple of

    friendlies during a playoff run. I wonder if Caleb Porter requested his exclusion

    to Jurgy-kins first (not unusual at all, and often granted even by him


    playoffs-with-national-team-callups-20141110-story.html ).

    I still miss Benny from the National team, if nothing else just for this:


    Finally, Drogba. He had two stints at Chelsea. The first one ended in 2012 when his contract ran up and he went to China (Shanghai Shenhua) for bazillion dollars a week (ok, so 200k £ a week, but that’s still hella money). Then in 2013 he went to Galatasaray for another big payday, and was immediately released from Shenhua for preach of contract (I think there’s still some litigation as Drogba claims he wasn’t paid by Shenhua). Then in 2014 he signed a 1 year contract with Chelsea. There never seemed to be any interest by Mourinho to keep him, tho someone closer with that team may be aware of if he was offered another contract for 2015-16. So he was out of contract and signed with MLS, rather than Chelsea letting him go there for playing time.

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