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Ep 26: Loopholes Part 2 – The Spirit of the Law

The long awaited second part of our first ever two-part episode is finally here!  This week, Dave and Carol are joined by Devon from 253 Defiance.  We chatted about our thoughts on Bob Bradley becoming the first US coach in the EPL.  Devon told us tales of being a soccer evangelist.  And finally, we discussed rules.  Namely this:  Is breaking a rule and cheating the same thing?  This was a fun one, we hope you enjoy it.

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  1. Woody

    Stabæk! Oh, damn, Dave beat me to it.

    In coaching Stabæk, Bradley became the first American to coach in a European top flight , and he got them into the Europa tournament (also a USA first). His team battled my Arsenal pretty well so I hope he can spark Swansea City to a good finish. Note that the more pedantic people would say he’s not coaching in England but in Wales, but we don’t know any people like that, right? ^_^

    In a strange stat from a guy without a local MLS team (until next year), I’ve seen at least one match live during each of his MLS head coaching stops (Chicago, Metrostars, Chivas) without actually trying, it just worked out that way.

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