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Month: September 2016

Ep 25: Loopholes Part 1–The Letter of the Law

Soccer rules can be funny sometimes.  Take for example the rare free-kick in the box that happened in Chicago last week.  We decided to talk about some other strange rules, and the ways they were exploited.  There was so much to talk about here that we decided to hold off part of the conversation for next week.  Also, Sounders GM Garth Lagerway spent some time talking to fans about what the future looks like in Seattle.   We give our thoughts on some of the highlights.  Away we go on the our first two-part episode!

Here’s the article we mentioned that goes into greater depth about Lagerway’s talk:


Ep 24: Insert Funny Pun About Defiance

Landon Donovan’s back!  Who’s excited?  No, really.  Who?  It’s an awfully quiet room in here.  This week Carol and Dave were joined by Paul, one  of the founders of 253 Defiance, the south sound chapter of the Emerald City Supporters.  We discuss the Sounders future, expansion drafts, and of course the return of the man, the myth, the legend: Landon Donovan.   Some of us were less enthused than others.

Ep 23: Team Values

So we decided to be fair, and give some credit to the New York Times for writing a much better article about soccer than the last one.  Not that it was a very high bar.  We then had a chat about Megan Rapinoe and her decision to join a hands-on football player in sitting out the national anthem.  Also, we took some time to talk about that pillar of soccer journalism, Forbes, and their yearly valuation of MLS teams.  And did Don Garber sneak a bombshell in that article?  Here we go, it’s Episode 23!

This one’s gonna take some links.

We’ll start with the very good article by the New York Times on Jordan Morris:

Then there’s an article about Megan Rapinoe, including the full statement by the Washington Spirit:


Here’s the fascinating piece by ESPN on the history of the Star Spangled Banner and sporting events:


And finally, the money.  Here’s the article by Forbes on MLS team values (Oh!  I just got that!):


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