Dave and Carol talk about MLS

Ep 20: The Gloves Are On

Technical difficulties, schmepnical schmifficulties.   We here and we want to talk about Goalkeepers!  Is Nick Rimando the greatest MLS ‘keeper ever?  How out of line is Hope Solo?  The people with the mitts minding the nets are the focus today.  Enjoy!

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  1. Woody

    Episode review:

    Meh, little bland, could use some chili flakes or something. 😉

    Seriously, I like the topic focus on keepers, and nice anecdote about angry goalkeeping. My recent fave, Jens Lehmann, always looked like he was ready to pop a blood vessel in his brain during the game, but off the field he is very affable. Who da thunk it!

    ttfn – woody
    Loons coming at ya in 2017!

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