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Month: August 2016

Ep 21: The Temerity of Hope

You thought we were done talking about goalkeepers, didn’t you?  Honestly, so did we.  But Hope Solo has commanded the headlines again, and we couldn’t stay away.  How bad was what Solo did?  Is her punishment just?  Is it sexist?  All this, plus we talk about MLS Playoffs, and how stupid they are.

Predictions Update

Hello, listeners!  Carol here.  If you’re wondering, here’s an update on Dave’s prediction accuracy.  He still hasn’t gotten past 50%.  Congrats to Mike, who is officially our most accurate guest! He did give himself a bit of an advantage by only predicting winning teams and not scorelines, but he still managed a 60% accuracy rating on what he did predict.  Good work, Mike!


Ep 19: White Noise

Carol’s back, everybody!  This week we’re joined by Tyson…. wait, that was his name, right?  We discussed accusations of racism in supporters culture in a travesty of an article in the New York Times Magazine.  Then we delve into Sigi Schmid’s firing, and what it’s gonna take to turn this yacht around.  Also, see if you can find the subtle edit where we had some technical difficulties.  All proceeds from this week’s episode will be given to the first person to put the correct timestamp in.

For those of you who like to hate-read articles, here’s the story we discussed:

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