Dave and Carol talk about MLS

Ep 15: But What About the Children?

There’s a lawsuit between US Soccer and some youth academy teams. Carol put on her intrepid reporter hat and dove (moderately) deep to figure out the answer to a number of burning questions. Who are these teams? Why does Seattle seem to be so involved? And most importantly, why the hell do we care? Join us for a thrilling look into the world of contracts, transfer fees, and the youth teams that develop our most talented players.

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  1. Woody

    Hola! 7th listener again.

    Hopefully Carol will be able to coax the mosquitos into a couple of friendly matches to fulfill her soccer needs.

    Note about MLS players playing internationally. The designation as being the top flight league comes from US Soccer, not FIFA. FIFA does set eligibility rules but those only apply to the International game, and effects who the national teams can chose; it has no effect either way on a league. So even if MLS isn’t FIFA compliant (they don’t follow the FIFA calendar for example), that doesn’t mean players in that league are excluded by default from International play. The players aren’t punished based on a issue with the league, else we’d have far less Italians in the game!

    The Solidarity payment and Training Compensation were put in to limit poaching within a country, or at least allow the aggrieved team some recourse. I can see MLS fighting the Training Compensation (since USA is pay to play), but they’ll probably (and I’d hazard a rightly so here) lose on the Solidarity payment.

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