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Month: July 2016

Ep 18: The Lowest of the Low

We’re back! Have you been keeping up with the news in the soccer world? No? Good. Than listen to this episode that has absolutely no conversations about out-of-date news. Promise! Dave is joined by our season-ticket neighbor and good friend Mike to discuss everything wrong with the Sounders, Mike’s shirt, and all over the place. Dave also has some crazy speculation about potential troubles brewing in Toronto.

Couldn’t find the gif I mentioned. I’m actually pretty sad about that. However, here’s the video of the goal Toronto scored, and Giovinco’s… interesting reaction.

I Have Failed You

Hey all!

Dave here. I’m posting today with some tough news. I was looking forward to bringing you two exciting episodes. One was with friend-of-the-show Tyson to discuss the travesty of an article in the New York Times Magazine. The second was a great conversation with first time guest (and oft mentioned season ticket neighbor) Mike.

I’d recorded both of these discussions, and was ready to get them edited and sent to you, our fine listeners. Alas, I screwed something up. Turns out that there’s learning curve with podcasts, and I made a mistake in transferring files that ended up deleting both of those episodes. I can’t explain how heartbreaking it was, because both of these recordings were a lot of fun. But mistakes are how you learn, and I’ve gotten quite the lesson in properly saving and transferring files this week.

The downside is, that means I have nothing for you this week. The upside is I’ve talked to both Tyson and Mike and they’re willing to come back over the next couple weeks to talk again. So fear not. Good stuff is on it’s way.

I’m really sorry about the silence this week. I look forward to getting back behind the mic, and babbling nonsense about soccer for all of you.

Thanks for your patience, and see you next week.


Ep 17: My Fifth Middle Name

This week we’re joined by none other than Ask an Atheist’s Sam Mulvey! Sam joined us for our very first episode, and now comes back to bloviate all over our show about his experience watching the Sounders destroy FC Dallas. “But wait, Dave… Bloviate? If your friend was nice enough to come on your podcast, why insult him?” you ask. Trust me, if you knew the guy, you know he’d take it as a compliment.

Ep 16: The Grey Car

Carol’s off saving the world, so Dave sat down with friend-of-the-show Tyson. The spent some time discussing whether or not the Sounders front office has done enough with the changes they announced. Then it’s off to the Copa, Lionel Messi, Jurgen Klinsmann, British coaches, academies, and whatever the hell else they felt like talking about.

Ep 15: But What About the Children?

There’s a lawsuit between US Soccer and some youth academy teams. Carol put on her intrepid reporter hat and dove (moderately) deep to figure out the answer to a number of burning questions. Who are these teams? Why does Seattle seem to be so involved? And most importantly, why the hell do we care? Join us for a thrilling look into the world of contracts, transfer fees, and the youth teams that develop our most talented players.

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