Dave and Carol talk about MLS

Month: June 2016

Ep 14: Broken Record

Okay, fine. We’ll talk about the Copa America. What is it about this tournament and Jurgen Klinsmann that upsets Dave now? Also, shockingly, there was some bad reffing. How bad was the missed own goal call in Kansas City, and how does it rank against the worst calls in the history of the game? All that and more this week!

Ep 12: A House Divided

Hey everybody! Sorry its been so long. To make up for our silence, we’ve got an extra-long episode for you. This week we have an extended chat with our friend and ECS member Tyson. We discuss why there’s so much tension between the supporters groups and the Sounders front office, and what has and can be done to settle it. What happens when the fans and the owners start to lose their common ground?

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