Dave and Carol talk about MLS

Ep 11: Low Morale

Today Carol and Dave talk about what the morale in the league is, and how indicative the standings are of that. Also, we find out the fate of Kei Kamara, and spend some more time talking about how Dave’s doing on his predictions. Spoiler alert: It isn’t getting any better.

Here’s the gif of Alonso throwing Ivanschitz to the ground, from Sounder at Heart.


And here’s the no look pass from Beckerman to Saborio in the 2013 MLS Cup Final.


  1. Fernando

    I’m from SoCal and kind of a Galaxy fan since Gio joined. I enjoy the format, tangents and overall vibe. Glad that I gave it a listen when I heard of it on Ask an Atheist. I may be a casual fan of MLS but I anxiously await every new episode you guys put out. Keep up the good work!

    • Cash

      I was looking evyrhweere and this popped up like nothing!

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