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Ep 10: Brütal Soccer

Soccer can be a rough game. Today we talk about Kei Kamara’s spat with Federico Higuain, and what teamwork actually looks like. Also, at what point does a player cross the line from rough foul into criminal assault? Dave also gives a fond farewell to one of his favorite podcasts.

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  1. Woody

    Hi Dave and Carol,

    7th listener here, enjoying the pod.

    I think you may address this on #11, but there were some inaccuracies in #10 regarding the Crew incident (I’m an MLS neutral, so no fish in this pan). Finlay (not the captain, Parkhurst is) drew the pen, Higuaín wanted Finlay to take it but he passed on it. Higuain and Kamara switch off on pens and it was Hiquain’s turn so he took it. I agree it should have been Kei’s as he was on a hat trick, but there’s more to this. Kei’s on his 9th team in 11 years, and Hiquain may be just as difficult. Looks like things came to a head and the first who went public was sent off. Shades of Throwball!

    Keep up the good work, and get Carol some help so she can get caught up on the episodes!

    ttfn – woody

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