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Month: May 2016

Ep 11: Low Morale

Today Carol and Dave talk about what the morale in the league is, and how indicative the standings are of that. Also, we find out the fate of Kei Kamara, and spend some more time talking about how Dave’s doing on his predictions. Spoiler alert: It isn’t getting any better.

Here’s the gif of Alonso throwing Ivanschitz to the ground, from Sounder at Heart.


And here’s the no look pass from Beckerman to Saborio in the 2013 MLS Cup Final.

Ep 9: What’s a Leicester?

Still running behind, but we’re gonna be catching up real quick! This week Dave and Carol were joined by our special contest winner Matt. Don’t remember there ever being a contest? Perhaps you weren’t paying close enough attention. Try harder next time. We take a step outside of MLS to discuss what it means that Leicester City won the Premier League, and also talk to Matt about the difference between sitting in the Supporter’s section, and sitting out with the plebes.

Ep 8: Say that again?

Hey! Carol and Dave met a real live soccer player! Listen to how we romantically spent our 7th anniversary in a bar chatting with the Sounder’s Nathan Sturgis about free agency. Isn’t love beautiful? We also discuss the state of the league (two weeks ago… working on that). See if you can catch the oh so subtle Bull Durham reference.

Ep 7: All the Wrong Answers

Better late than never might be a theme the next couple weeks. Be prepared. This episode, which was recorded two weeks ago, covers just how wrong Dave normally is (Which is a lesson that applies to the rest of his life a fair amount as well). Also, Carol learned something that made her feel some kinship with Mark Geiger… Whaaa!?

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