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Month: March 2016

Ep 4: Justice is Blind and So Are the Refs

This week we discuss some of the sorest injustices in MLS, and dream of the Almost Tables, which record shots almost on goal, goals almost scored, and games almost won. It’s not always the refs’ fault (but it was this week).

Ep. 3: Cause for Celebration

This week, Dave and Carol talk about the confusing bizarro world that is the start of this year’s MLS season. We discuss goal celebrations, say some nice things about Portland (again), and name some derbies.

Ep. 2 – Quality and Quantity

Today Carol and Dave talk about the growing number of fans showing up to MLS games, and spend some time ranting about our least favorite soccer writer. Also we manage to say some nice things about Portland. We promise not to make it a habit.

Team of Theseus

The season is gonna start…. let’s get it going! Today Carol and Dave talk about the biggest stories of the offseason, and then put down some predictions about this year. Also, what does it mean to be a fan of a team?

Episode 0

And so it begins. Today Sam joins us to discuss why we decided to start a podcast in the first place. There’s a lot of baseball talk for a soccer podcast.

Hands Free Football is a weekly podcast about Major League Soccer.  It’s hosted by Dave and Carol Brouillette.  We’re fans of the game, and love sharing our thoughts about it.  We are not, however, to be confused with experts.  We’re going to get stuff wrong, and we’re okay with that.  Also, we’re unapologetic Seattle Sounders fans, and have no intention of being completely non-biased.  We hope you like our show.

If you’re interested in hearing more about how this all began, give a listen to Episode 0.


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