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Ep 69: Fun and Games

Hey everybody! We’re still alive! It’s been a long offseason, and there’s a lot to talk about. However, we’re not going to talk about any of that here. This week, Dave and Carol were joined by friend-of-the-Show Sam to play and react to some, shall we say lesser known soccer video games. This one’s quite a bit different than our usual fare, but we had a lot of fun, and hope you do too. Enjoy!

For fun, here’s a nice little review of Animal Soccer world:


Here’s the Wiki on Champions of Europe:


And let’s just skip to the chase, here’s where you can get Behold the Kickmen on Steam:


Ep 68: ‘Tis the Postseason

Well, that wraps it up for MLS in 2017. This week, Dave and Carol chat with Steve Gennaro from TFC Live to talk about the MLS Cup Final, and what it’s looking like on the streets of Toronto these days. Also, there was an expansion draft. Just what does it mean when a player isn’t protected? And what should it mean? What sort of loyalty does a team owe it’s players? All this and more this week on our final show of the year.

First off, let’s get to some videos. Any excuse to play Cash’s cover of Hurt is a good excuse:

Then there’s the most Johnny Cash song ever written, I Hung My Head:

And the disturbingly bad original version by Sting:

And finally, a rare misstep by Cash.. his cover of Cats in the Cradle:

Okay… now on to more soccer stuff. Here’s Osvaldo Alonso’s tweet:

And here’s a breakdown of who LAFC took in the Expansion Draft (Turns out it wasn’t just Tyler Miller):


Ep 67: Nothing to Lose

It’s that time. It’s the biggest game of the year. It’s the rematch that we’ve all been looking for. Unless you don’t live in Toronto or Seattle… but still. This week Dave and Carol talk about the Conference Final games, and preview the MLS Cup final this weekend. Also, they give some solid advice about decision making. Also, a listener question about switching to the FIFA calendar. We also talk about some of our podcasting compatriots, and whether or not we’re a Sounders podcast. Admittedly, the closer the Sounders get to an MLS Cup, the more homer our show becomes. The real test will be how we cover an MLS Cup that we’re not a part of. Here’s hoping that day never comes. Finally, there is an expansion draft coming, and they have thoughts. Enjoy this packed episode!

First off… if you’re like Dave and love dissecting music, you really should give a listen to Song Exploder:


There’s the fantastic article from Waking the Red:


Also, Here’s the Sounders Protectinator page… I’m not sure if any other SB Nation pages did one:


And finally, here’s Angels on Parade (not Angel City Brigade) mock-draft picks:


Oh, and as an added bonus, here’s who Sounder at Heart protected in their mock-draft:


Ep 66: Unfounded Opinions

Hey, did you know that we’re occasionally wrong? No, seriously. Even Dave is. Like *all* the time. This week Dave and Carol talk about how they were wrong about Caleb Porter getting fired. They also, decided to throw out a whole lot of pure speculation about what’s going on with the situation. They also have thoughts about the playoffs. And speaking of unfounded speculation, can you believe what Michael Bradley had to say about the Crew situation? All this and more this week.

Here’s the Save the Crew letter that you should sign. Like right now. Go do it.


Ep. 65: Moving On

Well, that took a bit longer than expected. But here we are! This week, Dave and Carol talk about playoffs! But you knew we would talk about that. What you didn’t know we’d talk about is that CALEB PORTER IS OUT IN PORTLAND!!!! Also, there’s so other coaching news in the league. Anyway, this show’s kind of a fun little mess. Hope you have as much fun listening as we did recording.

First off, here’s Grant Wahl’s fix of the MLS playoffs:


Next, we have one of the worst goalkeeping howlers I’ve ever seen:

Then, there’s the video of TFC and the Red Bulls getting into it in the tunnel:


The heartbreakingly beautiful statement from Robbie Rogers on his retirement:


And finally, here’s the Recurrently Regenerated Football League from Cartilage Free Caption:


Ep 64: #SaveTheCrew

The playoffs have begun, but we have some more important stuff to talk about. ┬áThis week, Dave and Carol are joined by Alexis from Columbus to talk all about the Crew and their potential move to Austin. ┬áThey also look at the league’s history of teams moving and contracting to find out just why this one feels different. ┬áIt’s all Black and Gold this week.

First off, you should all visit https://savethecrew.com.

Here’s a Four Four Two article comparing the Crew’s situation to the San Jose Earthquakes’ move to Houston:



Here’s what Anthony Precourt looked like during Columbus’ blowout of NYCFC:


Ep 63: Playoffs!?

This has got to be the most international podcast we’ve ever recorded. ┬áNot only were we joined by the fantastic Steve Gennaro from All In Talk Sports to discuss our new broadcasting partnership, but it was also edited on a ferry in the Strait of Juan de Fuca, and posted in the fabulous Victoria, BC. ┬áThis week, Dave and Carol talk about playoffs! ┬áLots and lots of playoffs! ┬áThe postseason has begun!

First and most important, go visit All In Sports Talk to find some fantastic new soccer shows:


Then, there’s Benny Feilhaber’s saltiest interview ever:


And finally, the story about the two tennis players and the longest match ever (it’s a bit further down in the article, but the whole thing is worth reading):



Ep 62: Bad Decisions and Uncertain Futures

This week, Dave and Carol are joined by friend Bethany for a quick chat about the deeper thoughts inspired by an editing error. Then, Dave gets angry about the USMNT. And Anthony Precourt. And himself. And some other things to. Dave got a little ranty in this episode. Enjoy!

First off, let’s see someone who loves cats:

Here’s the episode of Nos Audietis that Dave stole some of his ideas from:


Then there’s Deadspin’s take on MLS joining the big leagues when it comes to stadium extortion:


And the Sports Illustrated story about the Crew refusing to refund season ticket holders:


And finally, here’s the story on the Indonesian goalkeeper who was killed last week:


Decision Day Giveaway

On Sunday, October 22, MLS presents Decision Day 2017, an overwhelming celebration of the end of the regular season where 11 games all kick off at the same instant to decide who gets into the playoffs and who gets an extended off season. Some years, this is also the day where we discover who wins the Supporter’s Shield, but Toronto took care of that pretty early. Way to ruin the surprise, Toronto.

Thanks to Sara from Constellation & Co, we have prizes to give away! We’re going to be able to show pictures of the goodies later, but in the meantime, have some rules and entry guidelines!

The rules: List your predictions for the winners of the 11 Decision day games in the comments below. We’re limiting this to just choosing the winning team (or a draw). You can include a scoreline for fun, but you won’t get bonus points for being right. No bonus points for Derby Names either. With 11 games to worry about, let’s keep it as simple as possible.

Everyone on the internet is eligible to enter, but Dave and Carol will only be playing for fun. You must post your predictions BEFORE Decision Day Kickoff. Please include your email so we can notify you of your victory. Only comments on THIS POST will be considered; I don’t care how correct you were on Facebook or Twitter.

Here are the games you need to predict:

Real Atlanta United City FC vs Toronto FC

D.C. United vs New York Red Bulls

Montreal Impact vs New England Revolution

New York City FC vs Columbus Crew SC

Philadelphia Union vs. Orlando City SC

FC Dallas vs LA Galaxy

Real Salt Lake vs Sporting Kansas City

Portland Timbers vs Vancouver Whitecaps FC

San Jose Earthquakes vs Minnesota United FC

Seattle Sounders FC vs Colorado Rapids

Houston Dynamo vs Chicago Fire

Best of Luck!

Ep 61: Something New

Hey guys! This week, Dave missed out because he’s still in an angry drunken stupor after the US missed out on World Cup Qualifying. So instead, Carol was joined by friend of the show Sara to talk about it. They also talk about the future of US Soccer. Also, what sort of reaction does Roman Torres deserve on his return? Finally, Sara told us a lot about herself and the various things she does. She is fascinating, and we think you’ll love her as much as we do. Plus, thanks to Sara’s generosity, we have a giveaway for you fans!!! Listen for more details.

For more fantastic stuff from Sara, follow her on twitter at @ssfcvictorylap

Here’s the link to the main Supporter Stories page:


Here’s a youtube channel with a bunch more stories:


Here’s Sara’s business Constellation & Co.:


And because we couldn’t resist, here’s Dave and Carol’s Supporter Story:

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