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Month: March 2018

Ep 71: Bigger Picture

It’s time we got the lawyers involved. Unfortunately, none of them would return our calls. So instead, this week, Dave and Carol decided to explain the State of Ohio’s lawsuit against the Columbus Crew with out any expertise at all. Surely nothing could go wrong there. Also, CONCACAF Champions League… Do we care? And should we? And what are things looking like in LA these days? All this and more this week!

Here’s Sport’s Illustrated’s take on the Ohio lawsuit:


And here’s an article from the Austin American Statesman with some actual legal opinions:


Ep 70: Soccer McSoccerface

The season is upon us! This week, Dave and Carol sit down to discuss thew newly announced expansion cities, and why there still might be room for doubt in Miami. Then, they give an update on the status of Columbus. Finally, there were some big transfers this offseason. What would it be like to get transferred? We’re excited to be back to discuss all this and more!

Here’s an article on the San Diego “Footy McFootyface” joke with the video included. Go read, it’s a lot of fun: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/early-lead/wp/2017/04/01/rip-footy-mcfooty-face-san-diego-soccer-team-will-be-called-something-else-awesome/?utm_term=.533534143d21

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